Where Do You Get Your Money Information?

As I slowly bring Get Rich Slowly back to life, I intend to revive some of the regular features from the old days. On Sundays, for instance, I used to highlight a reader story. And on Fridays I (or a GRS reader) asked you a question.

Since I haven’t even been back on the job a week, there’s not much of an audience here yet. I’m fine with that. I’m taking the long view. Until I get a few questions from you guys — for right now, send them to user jdroth at Money Boss — I’ll come up with some of my own.

Here’s the first.

At the moment, Get Rich Slowly is featuring daily “wall of text” text articles. This isn’t my long-term plan.

Once I have access to everything behind the scenes, I want to move GRS to something more like kottke.org or Daring Fireball but for money. These sites curate cool material from around the web while occasionally publishing longer essays. I envision Get Rich Slowly doing something similar but with money. (Again, a very rough look at my planned redesign can be found at my animal intelligence site.)

To make a site like that work, I need a constant stream of intersting articles (and podcasts and videos) about money. I can find some inspiration at the always awesome Rockstar Finance, of course. And there are plenty of subreddits to sift through, such as /r/personalfinance, /r/churning, /r/awardtravel, /r/investing, /r/finance, /r/realestate, /r/frugal, and /r/financialindependence (and its siblings, /r/leanfire and /r/fatfire).

But I want to create a wide library that I can sift through — a library of blogs, email lists, podcasts, magazines, YouTube channels, subreddits, newspaper columns and more.

That brings me to my question: What are your favorite sources of information about money? Where do you go to get your daily dose of financial wisdom? I’m especially interested in other sources of curated material. I’m also keen on finding quality video content. But really, I’m just looking for your favorite places to get great personal finance advice.

Tell me where I should go to find awesome money stories to share with GRS readers!

And have no fear, I’m not going to turn Get Rich Slowly into a site that only curates. Like I said, I envision something like Kottke or Daring Fireball, but for money. Lots of curated material, sure, but also plenty of original material. Even when I do curate, I’ll provide commentary. And, as I said, I’ll continue to highlight material from you, the readers.

It’s going to be awesome!

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