Transfer Underway — Please Standby

Hey, money nerds. Just a quick note that we’ve initiated some of the behind the scenes stuff to transfer control of Get Rich Slowly from the current owners to me. No big deal really except that there’s like to be some downtime during the next few hours…or days…or even weeks.

First up, we’re transferring control of the domain. Shouldn’t REALLY be an issue — unless it is. That is to say, nothing usually goes wrong with this except that for a few hours you might not be able to reach the site. But because the new site isn’t yet set up, there could be some downtime. Maybe even for a couple of days.

After that, we’ll transfer the datafiles containing 11-1/2 years of Get Rich Slowly to their new home. Then we’ll point to the internet to this new home.

Really, it’s not rocket surgery. But you never know with stuff like this. Things can and do go wrong.

Bottom line: Be patient. We’ll get things up and running ASAP! By early November, GRS should be at its new home, and everything should be going smoothly.

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