How to Sell Insurance from Your Couch

We’ve talked a lot on here about ways to disconnect from the conventional work lifestyle: how to become a digital nomad, how to leap headlong into affiliate marketing.

But there are ways to take what you already do and mobilize it.

When you think of insurance brokers, you think of people who sit in some office down the street. You don’t think of someone who does their work before they’ve showered for the day.

And yet the online work revolution is changing almost every sector of society. And the insurance market is facing an employment crisis.

This means employers will need to be relevant to a new world of employment. And they’re starting to turn to remote work as a fill for that gap.

And that’s where you come in. You can drop your 9-5 office job and go home…permanently. Let’s look at how that’s possible.

1. Why Insurance Companies Don’t Sell Directly Online

Why don’t insurance companies skip the middleman?

Every other sector of society sells directly through their own store. Why do insurance companies stick with such a dated sales model?

You literally have to call an insurance agent after you get an online quote. (Some of us are rebels and resort to email instead.)

It has everything to do with the 1 million insurance agents already out there today. Some of those agents have been working longer than HTTP has been around.

Firing all of those agents just wouldn’t look good.

Where is the Insurance World Today?

More middlemen. That’s what’s happening to facilitate the online push while still pleasing local insurance agents.

While these online middlemen would love to eventually sell insurance directly, they can’t. And they’re basically a glorified farmer’s market for insurance.

But fifty percent of consumers begin their insurance shopping on mobile devices and even more online. And that number is increasing.

The only fully online insurance company in the world is PolicyBazaar, and that’s the Indian market.

2. The Referral Game

Just like realtors, insurance agents rely on referrals. Referrals don’t always have to be personal, but they can be.

In essence, selling insurance isn’t much different than selling anything else online. You just have to have a physical location and a phone where people can reach you.

And the sales funnel approach will most likely be your go-to marketing tool to produce leads and referrals.

Build a Website

Websites for insurance brokers aren’t going to be much different than any other sales site. You will have a home page, a contact page, a blog, a sales page, etc.

But the two places you want to focus most of your efforts are your blog and your sales page. One draws in people the other is a landing page.

Your blog is your brand’s content. Do not make it into some personal blog. You’ll get nowhere.

Create or commission content that appeals to your market base. If you’re selling life insurance, who will your future customers be? If car insurance, what then?

Make your content readable, engaging and informative. These are NOT sales pages. Their main purpose is to drive traffic to your website where hopefully visitors click on links and become leads.


Your second area of effort on your website will be your landing pages. Unless your sales page is your home page, your home page won’t be your landing page.

You want people to land on the sales page or an informative blog article when they click a link to your website.

PPC (pay-per-click) marketing is simply online ad marketing. Companies like Google and Facebook pay websites to host ads. These ads charge the client each time someone clicks one.

The owners of a website get money, Google or Facebook get money, and you, the client, pay. But only when someone clicks.

This is a paid way of getting links to your website out in the wild and in front of interested eyes.

And you want those links to go directly to a landing page.

Email Marketing

The other half of your funnel should be email marketing. Email marketing is still relevant today.

And insurance quotes will most likely be your way into the email server of your visitors.

Here’s a secret, free quotes, whether by a service company or an insurance company, aren’t free. The cost isn’t immediate dollars. It’s information.

When someone offers a free quote, what do they ask for?

Email, phone, address, etc. Insurance is great because every applicant has to give way more than an email before they can receive their free quote.

If you’re selling home insurance, you get to dig into their home information. If you’re selling life insurance or car insurance a lot of personal information gets spilled.

You can use this information to your advantage. You now know exactly how to market to these people.

Most affiliate and web marketers would be jealous. But be sure you’re regulation compliant. What you can and cannot use for marketing is well regulated.

3. What If I’ve Never Sold Insurance?

Anyone can sell insurance as long as they have the proper licensing. Each state is different. Check with your state to find out requirements.

Most likely they’ll ask for a background check. They don’t want scammers and crooks selling insurance.

And you’ll have to learn all of the privacy regulations involved with insurance. Health insurance will most likely be the most regulated. You will have to follow The HIPPA rule and know it inside and out.

You’ll want to choose a specialty. There is every kind of insurance under the sun. You want to choose something that interests you.

If you don’t choose a field that interests you, every day will be a struggle, especially if you work from home. Money might be awesome, but you have to have one more motivation beyond it to survive the remote work life.

Conclusion: Persistence Pays Off

You will need resilience if you want to sell insurance on your own. But the hard work will pay off.

Learn to grow a thick skin. You’ll be rejected over and over again. But you’ll rejoice when someone buys your product.

If you want to know more about online marketing check out this blog.

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