Site Transfer Update

Just a quick note that the transfer of Get Rich Slowly from its former owners back to me is progressing as expected. That means, of course, that there are hiccups. There always are.

One of those hiccups is being caused by me publishing new material while the site transfer is in progress. When I publish something new, it’s appearing on the old server. But that means we do a new database each time I publish an article, then upload it to the new server — along with all of the comments. Oops. And haha.

As a result, I’ll need to go radio silent for a few days. This is probably best anyhow since I’m still in Dallas for the financial conference. I don’t have a lot of time to write.

Have no fear, though. We’re diligently working behind the scenes to get the site transferred, to implement a temporary new design (I’ll commission a permanent new design soon), and so on. There’s lots of work being done on the site! But I won’t publish new articles until the site transfer is finished and we have everything working on the new server. Please be patient. (This is advice I need to give myself more than I need to give you…)

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