Travel Deal Tuesday is the best day of the year to shop for flights

I suck at making plane reservations. That probably sounds ridiculous, but I’m not joking. Whenever I travel — which is fairly often — I put off booking flights because I find the process so tedious. As a result, I miss out on the best deals.

Turns out, I’m accidentally in luck. According to the research arm of the travel app Hopper (about which, I know nothing except it looks similar to Kayak), tomorrow is “Travel Deal Tuesday” — the best day of the year to shop for flights.

Based on its archive of “several trillion prices from the past several years” (!?!?!), Hopper writes:

Fare sale activity significantly spikes on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

Last year, we observed more than double the normal fare sale activity on Travel Deal Tuesday. In 2015, we saw fare sale activity spike by 6X the normal volume.

The airlines offer major discounts because travel demand tends to die down following Thanksgiving. Most travelers have already booked their holiday airfare, but haven’t started planning their winter getaways yet.

This chart form Hopper shows the number of sale fares in the weeks after Thanksgiving 2016:

Travel Deal Tuesday

This info is handy handy handy for me.

Right now, I need to book a January flight to Orlando, an April flight to Virginia (then Orlando or Nashville), and possibly a February flight to someplace sunny. Instead of putting off the process any longer, I think I’ll take advantage of “Travel Deal Tuesday”. (But I’ll probably use Kayak to research prices unless you guys have a better recommendation. Should I give Hopper a shot?)

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