You Won’t Believe the Net Worth of These YouTube Stars

You don’t have to be a movie star these days to have an audience or to make millions of dollars.

With over 1.5 billion monthly users, YouTube is quite literally the place to be if you want to be a millionaire. The amount of money some YouTube stars are making is ridiculous. And as YouTube continues to grow year after year, so do the bank balances of some of their biggest stars.

But just how rich are these YouTube stars? What is it that they do?

Let’s find out by looking at the net worth of some of YouTube’s biggest names. You’ll be surprised by how much they earn!

Dan Middleton AKA DanTDM – Approximately $16.5 Million

Daniel Middleton (known as DanTDM to his legion of followers) was the highest earning YouTube star of 2017. And with over 17 million subscribers, DanTDM has quite the audience to make his living from.

He made an incredible $16.5 million dollars in 2017. That’s 13% of the entire earnings of top 10 YouTube stars, who made an impressive $127 million among them.

DanTDM hasn’t starred in any big blockbusters, but he’s making money like a movie star.

He built up his channel by making videos on the video game Minecraft, but his business is pretty varied these days. He sells branded merchandise, has his own YouTube sponsored animated web series, and has even gone on his own jet-setting world tour.

And with business transport costs being tax deductible, YouTuber entrepreneurs like DanTDM have no excuse not to get out there and meet their fans.

Besides, who doesn’t want to make a living playing video games, posting videos and traveling the world? Just be sure you’ve got the taxman on board!

Evan Fong Aka VanossGaming – $15.5 Million

Evan Fong is another gamer living his life on YouTube and making a killing from it.

And for the luxury of playing games and joking around, Evan made $15.5 million in 2017. He’s the second highest earner after DanTDM, taking home 12% of the share of the top earnings on YouTube.

With over 22 million subscribers, this 25-year-old Canadian sensation’s style is pretty simple. Chat, have a laugh with his friends and play video games while commenting on the gameplay. He’s also another YouTuber star making an animated series under YouTube’s lucrative Red programme.

These YouTube stars certainly know how to make money from their side hustles.

Dude Perfect – $14 million

Dude Perfect isn’t actually one person – it’s five. And unlike our first two YouTube stars, their content isn’t to do with video games.

They’re jokesters who like to perform trick shots on camera, and boy, does it rack up viewers! With over 26 million subscribers and over 4 billion video views, they’re the most viewed and subscribed to YouTube channel dedicated to sports.

And that lucrative base makes them money and brings in big star names. Actors, professional football stars, golfers, and NASCAR drivers have all appeared in videos for their subscribers.

They’ve even broken a few world records and have a successful TV series on Nickelodeon.

Logan Paul – $12.5 million

Even if you’re not too familiar with YouTube stars, you might have heard of Logan Paul.

He got himself into a bit of hot water recently by posting a controversial video of a trip to Japan where he found a suicide victim, resulting in huge international criticism. He’s also lost lucrative contracts, including being dropped from YouTube Red.

That hasn’t stopped him being one of YouTube’s top earners. He made $12.5 million in 2017, mostly by vlogging about his life and posting comedy videos.

He’s been in films, TV series, and been involved in big advertisement campaigns for the likes of Pepsi.

How 2018 shapes up for him might be a little different, but given that he’s the most popular YouTube vlogger and third on our net worth list, the future is probably still bright, if he can get over the controversy.

Felix Kjellberg Aka PewDiePie – $12 Million

Our next YouTube star is another name you might have heard of, for the wrong reasons, and was previously YouTube’s biggest earner.

Felix Kjellberg, or better known by his YouTube channel name PewDiePie, is another video gamer making videos. Sounds great, right?

Unfortunately, Felix’s use of racial slurs and anti-semitic slogans over 2017 caused criticism and outrage in the news, losing him lucrative sponsors like Disney and YouTube Red in the process.

Controversy aside, he isn’t doing too badly for himself, making himself $12 million in 2017, and an estimated $124 million since he started in 2010.

It just goes to show that being controversial isn’t enough to kill off your YouTube income if you’re a big enough name. And you’re already rich.

Jake Paul – $11.5 Million

Jake – Logan’s equally controversial older brother – is another YouTube star with an impressive $11.5 million in earnings from his own YouTube vlogging videos.

Just as his brother was getting into hot water for his Japan escapades, Jake was getting into trouble by using the N-word and posting suggestive content.

Controversy aside, this YouTuber built up his following outside of YouTube on the now-defunct Vine. He also had his own role on a TV show for Disney, before he was (you guessed it) fired.

But with 13 million subscribers and rising, he’s got the audience and the influence to keep making big money in the future if his brother and PewDiePie are anything to go by.

Ryan ToysReview – $11 Million

Unlike our Bad Boys of YouTube collection, Ryan is a little more wholesome. This six-year-old doesn’t do controversy, he just does toys — and makes big money from it.

Nearly 12 million subscribers watch this little American unbox and play with all sorts of toys and games for kids. One video alone has 800 million viewers, most of them children his age.

If you’re a toy maker, you’re allowed to drool at that sort of audience! And it’s toy makers that helped this little boy and his parents make $11 million in 2017.

Not bad for someone in kindergarten.

YouTube Stars Keep On Getting Richer!

The number of YouTubers morphing into millionaires is growing, and controversy doesn’t seem to be standing in their way.

Alongside the YouTube stars listed above, comedy duo Smosh earned $11 million from slapstick comedy videos. Lilly Singh earned a cool $10.5 million from comedy and music videos and her own YouTube Red film. Casey Neistat, another vlogger, has 8 million subscribers and a net worth of around $12 million.

These YouTube stars have built multi-million dollar business empires by effectively monetizing their YouTube audiences and grabbing lucrative advertising contracts along the way.

If you’re looking to replicate the success of these YouTube stars, why not think about how you can avoid some obvious YouTube marketing fails with your own content?

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